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Area Snapshot

Last month we travelled to the North of the City to explore the 'lower' half of the Antrim Road, and this month, we are back to see what the rest has to offer to Belfast's buy-to-let investors and landlords.

Returning to where the Cavehill / Limestone Roads bisect the Antrim Road, we travel out of the city until we reach Belfast Zoo. 

Talk about variety. From the same "gritty-edged vibrancy" I noted on the lower half of the Antrim Road, we travel past mini-business districts, through leafy semi-suburbia, past increasingly palatial detached pads, to what can only be described as the typical 'des res' - eye-popping feats of architecture with incredible mountain scenery to be seen from every window.

It really is such a varied area, and as such, an exciting prospect as there is such a breadth of opportunity, and room to grow as an investor.

This variety extends to the type of property on offer. Prices in this part of town start in the mid-70,000s and go all the way up to nearly half a million. 

Townhouses, terraces, semis, new developments - the one thing that unites them is this: not all is at it seems on the outside. There are a couple of flats on the market that look - how shall I put this - a little unloved from the outside. Take a step through the door and you see quite a different picture.


Word on the Streets

Skegoniell - Alexandra Avenue

A bit of a landlord sweet spot, in my opinion. Lots of great quality, affordable properties, with great links to schools, local conveniences, the city centre and major commuter routes. From students to families to couples to singletons to retirees - all tenant life is here. Take your pick.

Fortwilliam - Lansdowne

Rich pickings remain for landlords, but properties tend towards the bigger and better in this part of town. If you prefer to rent to families, this would be a good place to look. 

Bellevue - Pineview

Right at the farthest reach of our self-imposed boundary, this group of streets is walking distance to the Zoo, and also enjoys some beautiful woodland nearby as well as - of course - those 'belle vues'. Desirable postcodes, but certainly not beyond the reach of the buy-to-let investor.

A beautiful view

1 Bellevue Manor - £139,950

You could probably sell this 3-bed apartment on the strength of that view alone, but its airy open-plan living and three decent bedrooms make it an enticing prospect all round. Renting for an estimated £700 per month, you'd be looking at an approximate 6% yield.


Don't judge a book

Apt 5, 548 Antrim Road - £130,000

Not much from the outside, but immaculate inside. Given its location, secure parking, gas fired central heating and turnkey finish, I reckon you could take £600 a month and see a yield of 5.5%.


A victorious yield

54 Victoria Gardens - £174,950

This 3-bed semi detached house is a great prospect for an affordable family rental. You could probably ask at least £850 a month, giving a yield of nearly 6%.


You'll see a bit of a change in the blog next year, as we pare back the Area Profiles in favour of our investment pieces. More on that next week, but in the meantime, do let me know - what are your thoughts on these features? Do you enjoy the peeks into parts of Belfast you might not know, or do you prefer it when I 'follow the money'? Drop me a line to