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Mid Terrace Property at 13 Ulsterdale Street, Belfast

Are you ready to put your personal touch on a property and add value to your investment portfolio? Our Deal of the Week presents a fantastic opportunity at 13 Ulsterdale Street, Belfast, BT5 5BT. This Mid Terrace property, situated in a popular residential location on the outskirts of Belfast City Centre, is primed for cosmetic renovation, making it an ideal project for savvy investors or those seeking a home to customize.

Key Features:

Cosmetic Renovation Required: Embrace the opportunity to transform this property into your dream home. Cosmetic renovations will allow you to add personal style and modern touches, enhancing the overall appeal and value of the house.

Estimated Value After Refurbishment: £135,000: With careful and considered renovations, this property has the potential to reach an estimated value of £135,000. Unlock the hidden value and maximize your investment returns through thoughtful improvements.

Rental Potential: £850 per Month: For those looking at this property as an investment, the rental potential is substantial, with an estimated monthly income of £850. This makes it an attractive option for landlords seeking solid returns in the rental market.

Capital Yield Calculation: Priced at £99,950, the potential capital yield can be calculated by taking the annual rental income (£850 x 12 months) and dividing it by the property cost.

Capital Yield = (Annual Rental Income / Property Cost) x 100

Capital Yield = (£850 x 12 / £99,950) x 100

Capital Yield = (£10,200 / £99,950) x 100

Capital Yield ≈ 10.20%

Convenient Location: Nestled off Ravenscroft Avenue, this property offers the convenience of easy access to Belfast City Centre. The strategic location ensures proximity to amenities, making it an appealing choice for potential tenants or future homeowners.

Directions: Located off Ravenscroft Avenue, Belfast, this property is well-connected and easily accessible. Explore the neighborhood and envision the potential this property holds.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to transform and maximize the value of 13 Ulsterdale Street. With an estimated value of £135,000 after refurbishment, a monthly rental income of £850, and a capital yield of approximately 10.20%, this deal is poised for success. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and embark on your renovation journey!