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Last quarter NISRA published details of sales by property type in the quarterly Housing Price Index for the first time ever and of course, I took the opportunity to have a stats geek-out.

The figures have been revised upwards for Q1 now that all data for property transactions is available, however the general trends remained the same.

In Q2, again the property sales rank in the same order:

Detached property sales were down 15% between the quarters, from 113 to 96. Semi-detached saw a small dip too of 1.6% from 316 sales to 311 - this may change once the figures are revised in the next report.

Apartments and terraced properties were up again in Belfast, with the former up 3.8% from 178 to 185 and the latter up 4.8% from 438 to 459.

NISRA aren't able to give HPI stats by property types for the individual districts, but they do now have this information for Northern Ireland as a whole: